2Social attends the Beyond the Walls Summer Party

Posted on June 19th, by Steve Dolson in Blog, Events. 2 comments

Beyond the Walls. Loft style. My City Lives. Centre for Social Innovation. Ukelele. Networking. Cool People. Steam Whistle. Fun!

Picture courtesy of Digital Femme

Last night I went to a great event called Beyond the Walls, and this huge party at the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI Annex) and made possible by My City Lives and all the people that worked the night.

Picture courtesy of Digital Femme

What was cool about this space was the high ceilings, open concepts, loft-esque looks, and old style elevators. Definitely was a great place to have a party.

Pre-dance party, there was a lovely gourmet dinner from 6-8pm, that took place on the third floor. On the second floor, there was auction items and wine and cheese tables, and finally on the first floor…dance cave!

Equipped with a live feed from the second floor down to the first floor and the lovely people at Steam Whistle breweries were there too!

Made two new friends! Yasmine and Soojin

Picture courtesy of Digital Femme

Kudos to My City Lives for putting on a great event and to DigitalFemme for all of her photography work!

The fun isn’t stopping this weekend, because I am heading to an MMVA After Party, should be interesting!

Signing off
~ Steve

2 thoughts on “2Social attends the Beyond the Walls Summer Party

    • I had such a great time, let me know when the next one is :) and 2Social might pay a visit to a regular work day there if that’s okay!

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